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MultiGP 4B Finals 2017


Race Results and DVR 

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Tech Day at Midsouth Makers

Remember those days you and your FPV crew got together to teach others how to tune quads? Man that seems just like yesterday. If you think about it, it wasn’t that long ago, but now we flash Betaflight and go burn some packs. Things change fast in this growing sport.

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There’s no I in Team

March 26th 901FPV’s own team of racers from Team White Goat are attending a race in Louisiana.  The chapter AcadianaFPV in the town of Lafayette, LA are hosting a large scale team race with up to 35 pilots across 7 teams. Each team is racing to complete 200 laps first, at that point the race stops and teams are scored by laps completed. This race labeled “Mayhem Team Event”  will be an awesome event to attend with lots of sponsors and prizes.

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2017 Racing Season is Starting!

901FPV is opening its 2017 Racing season on March 4th.  This will be the first race of many extending through the summer.  These races will be focused on Local Pilots and have a semi-serious environment with structured heats and lap timing.  Pilots will collect points towards a “Season” that will have a leaderboard on MultiGP.

We encourage all pilots in the area to sign up on MultiGP not only for racing but to get updates as Events are scheduled out. Racing may not be your thing but attending these events exposes you to a lot of knowledge and the practices of flying with others. Below is a video link detailing the steps involved from Account Creation to Signing up for a race on MultiGP

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Tech Day – Build It and Tune It

tl;dr: Pay $250 and leave with a fully built and tuned quad. Just bring your own transmitter, batteries and goggles. Last day to register will April 3rd.  

*UPDATE 3/29/17: Added info about battery chargers.

**UPDATE 4/2/17: We are sold out. Keep an eye out for the next build event!

April 15th 11am-4ish 901FPV and the Midsouth Makers will be hosting a mini-quad Tech Day! This will mostly be for people who are wanting to get into FPV and currently don’t have a 5 inch sized quad. Though others are welcome to attend.

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DRONES Cluster – Tiny Whoop Race

901FPV has been asked to come back to the FedEx Institute of Technology (FIT) to hold another Tiny Whoop race! The race will be part of the DRONES Cluster. To learn more about the DRONES Cluster see here.

We are honored to get another chance to hold a race at the FIT and introduce people to FPV racing. There should be a lot of spectators who are involved with drones already in some form or fashion, so let’s show them what this whole FPV Racing thing is about.

There will also be free food….

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Construction site

FPV Board Camera Repair

Hi, Benihana the Team White Goat engineer here. Wanted to create a post that would piece together some things I’ve found repairing FPV cameras. Hopefully it will help someone fix theirs.


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901FPV on the news!

Well we couldn’t get the news to come out, but Action News 5 did a clip of our TinyWhoop event. The full video is here. TinyWhoop Race


CMDR Series race #2 Videos

RCGroups’s very own Miss Ashley covered the CMDR race, check it out here on


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