DYS F4 Pro V2 Wiring Diagram

Internet was lacking a proper wiring diagram for the DYS F4 Pro V2 board. This diagram shows you how to wire a FRSKY receiver, TBS Unify Race, and a Runcam camera to the DYS Flight controller.  Link to the PDF DYSF4_Wiring_Diagram.  Enjoy!


Tech Day at Midsouth Makers

Remember those days you and your FPV crew got together to teach others how to tune quads? Man that seems just like yesterday. If you think about it, it wasn’t that long ago, but now we flash Betaflight and go burn some packs. Things change fast in this growing sport.

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Tech Day – Build It and Tune It

tl;dr: Pay $250 and leave with a fully built and tuned quad. Just bring your own transmitter, batteries and goggles. Last day to register will April 3rd.  

*UPDATE 3/29/17: Added info about battery chargers.

**UPDATE 4/2/17: We are sold out. Keep an eye out for the next build event!

April 15th 11am-4ish 901FPV and the Midsouth Makers will be hosting a mini-quad Tech Day! This will mostly be for people who are wanting to get into FPV and currently don’t have a 5 inch sized quad. Though others are welcome to attend.

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FPV Board Camera Repair

Hi, Benihana the Team White Goat engineer here. Wanted to create a post that would piece together some things I’ve found repairing FPV cameras. Hopefully it will help someone fix theirs.


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