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FPV Board Camera Repair

Hi, Benihana the Team White Goat engineer here. Wanted to create a post that would piece together some things I’ve found repairing FPV cameras. Hopefully it will help someone fix theirs.


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901FPV on the news!

Well we couldn’t get the news to come out, but Action News 5 did a clip of our TinyWhoop event. The full video is here. TinyWhoop Race


CMDR Series race #2 Videos

RCGroups’s very own Miss Ashley covered the CMDR race, check it out here on


RotoriousFPV RIP120 Review and DVR

Really do not need to say much about this.  It is the fastest thing swinging a 3″ blade end of story.  Now watch the video!

The best damn $30 frame you can buy

You just can’t beat the Martian 220!  For $30 you get a ImpulseRC Alien “Look alike” and yes I said look alike because it is definitely not a clone.  If you take the time to look up the definition of “Clone” you will agree with me calling it a look alike.  Moving on.  I have had 2 Martian 220 now and I sold one to make some dough for my Connex system that I successfully installed on my remaining Martian 220.  I have been putting this frame through the ringer and I just can’t see me spending the extra $100 for a Alien.  The CF used, QC, and PDB are all very good!  This is definitely a beginner friendly frame that will take the beating any noob can dish out but also a platform you can grow on and actually be VERY competitive with.  Please enjoy this video review!

3″ 2s Vs, 5″ 4s….Fair fight?

So I recently raced against some 5″ 4s guys at a local race we put on called GTRotorX (GT Rotorcross) with my RotoriousFPV RIP120.  It is now a production ready product but at the time I was beta testing it.  Well it turns out that the damn thing is so light that the power to weight ratio has what it takes to run with the big boys.  I pulled it out at 1 event prior to the GTRotorX race and people were just floored about how fast it was.  I have always been a HUGE micro fan and this is just a dream come true.  Check out the DVR footage from the race! Please visit for more info on this and many other micros you’re sure to fall in love with.

Want a do it all Tiny WHOOP?

Enjoy this video covering all the parts that I used to make a well rounded Tiny WHOOP.  While it is not the fastest TW it flys really well and for a good 4:30 easy!

(Canceled) Zombies birthday bash!

Central Mississippi Drone Racers will be hosting an event for our very own ZombieDiesel’s birthday!

When: Feb 18, 2017

Transponder: Facing Right (iLap)

VTX: 25/200mw switchable

FeeBeer and something to throw on the grill

Sign Up:


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Tiny Whoop Race at FedEx Institute of Technology


901FPV had the chance to whoop the FedEx Institute of Technology in Memphis, TN!


Ready to fly with us?


901FPV is growing, we’ve met and flown a lot of new people. I like seeing the group grow and feel like 2017 is going to really be a big year. Today Feb 12, 2017 we had a race planned, but canceled earlier on due to weather. The weather ended up being clear so Lucas setup a track. We ended up having 13 pilots show up just to fly. It was very fun and had a great track.

With that said there is a lot of common questions that come up.


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