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901FPV is growing, we’ve met and flown a lot of new people. I like seeing the group grow and feel like 2017 is going to really be a big year. Today Feb 12, 2017 we had a race planned, but canceled earlier on due to weather. The weather ended up being clear so Lucas setup a track. We ended up having 13 pilots show up just to fly. It was very fun and had a great track.

With that said there is a lot of common questions that come up.


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(Complete) Whoopin’ at the FedEx Institute of Technology

When: Feb 11, 2017


VTX: 25mw


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(Complete) 901FPV: Race Your Heart Out


901FPV will be hosting an event for beginners/advanced Pilots. Each having their own flight line.

When: Feb 19, 2017

Transponder: Facing Right (iLap)

VTX: 25/200mw switchable

Fee: $10 (Advanced Pilots only)

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CMDR Race Results

Rank Pilot Score
1 Droner 101
2 WinJet 80
3 superFLY 57
4 Nobody 53
5 KineticFPV 33
6 Uzaree 27
7 Zombiediesel 27
8 BigRig 23
9 LundyFPV 23
10 Pappaw 18
11 Benihana 17
12 Doctor 9
13 D_Maniak 3
14 Elmo 1

Tuesday flight checks

Since the weather was amazing today, I decided to get out an fly.  I ended up meeting with Brandon and he showed me a spot. I’m glad he did. Plenty of obstacles to keep you busy. Since the leaves are gone, ghost branches everywhere. Once you get the layout it’s fun to fly around. The hockey rink is fun as well.


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Sebring 2017 drone race

[ghozylab-instagram feed=145]

CMDR Series race #2

Transponders facing the right!

Series race #2 Switchable vtx recommended 200mw max Channels will be assigned before race day Full AMA only We will be using iLaps timing system and will have transponders for rent $10 entry fee


Tiny Whoop : MultiGP


  • Where: Memphis, TN
  • When: Jan 27 at 7PM


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