Pass this one by.. A ripoff. This download does not let you print or save your creation, instead you must buy their program. And once you buy that, it still won`t let you do anything, because you have to purchase their upgrades separately. You can`t even run the program without the upgrades. Each step of this product as you try to access it, just costs you more and more. A real scam. Pros: Beautiful cards Cons: The continual buy and receive nothingMore You can export your business card to popular image formats or print out on paper. The program can print on paper of various formats and can place cards on paper in the most economic way. For example, it can print up to 12 business cards on an A4 sheet and up to 24 cards on A3. Also the program can print at 300 dpi and 600 dpi, and can save layouts for printing at 1200 dpi.

Cards that you make using Business Card Maker can be saved in various formats and printed in different sizes, according to your preference. You can arrange how many cards you would like to put on a page, allowing you to maximize and use all the spaces that you can possibly occupy. This way, you can print copies in big batches and create multiple copies in just a few minutes. Speaking of mass production, Business Maker also makes it possible to edit lots of business cards without having to input the same information again and again, so if you want to experiment on different designs, it would not be a waste of time. Das Etikettendruckprogramm von Avery Zweckform ist sowohl für Mac als auch für Windows geeignet. Sie brauchen kein Download durchzuführen und können direkt starten. Die Vorlagen sind für Mac und Windows kompatibel und sofort verfügbar. i need to use for professional Advertising only and getting job. i think it is a private software which helps to creat your own styel of business card Pros: becomes free Cons: noneMore Personal version is good choice for individual users – sole traders including entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, freelancers, etc. Enterprise version is the best option for professionals and companies, including commercial usage.

An Elementen stehen Text, Formen und Bilder bereit. Letztere können wahlweise aus der im Visitenkarten Software Download mitgelieferten Vorlagensammlung oder von der Festplatte stammen. Unterstützt werden die Bildformate PNG, JPG, JPEG, JPE, JFIF, GIF, BMP, DIB, ICO, ICON, TIF, TIFF, WPP, HDP. Da hier auch transparenzfähige Formate mit an Bord sind, lässt sich damit durchaus arbeiten. Um komplette Elemente ein wenig durchsichtig zu machen, können Visitenkarten-Designer aber übrigens auch eine Transparenz pro Objekt einstellen. Zudem lassen sich Objekte drehen und neigen, was für einen gewissen 3D-Effekt sorgt. Bei Formen und Texten stehen zudem Farben und Opacity für Rand und Füllung getrennt bereit, und auch Farbverläufe sowie Muster sind möglich.