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901FPV is growing, we’ve met and flown a lot of new people. I like seeing the group grow and feel like 2017 is going to really be a big year. Today Feb 12, 2017 we had a race planned, but canceled earlier on due to weather. The weather ended up being clear so Lucas setup a track. We ended up having 13 pilots show up just to fly. It was very fun and had a great track.

With that said there is a lot of common questions that come up.



When you arrive to a race or meet see which channel you can be assigned to.  You may share a channel with someone else, if so remember who your frequency buddy is as you will alternate flying with them. Once you get your frequency make sure everyone knows before you power on your quad to change to that frequency. You must know how to change frequencies.

It is important you have a good video transmitter (VTX). I and many others highly recommend the TBS Unify (race). For multiple reasons.

  • Switchable between 25mw/200mw.
  • 2-6S input power supported
  • Clean powerup
  • Easy to set
  • Smart Audio support. This allows you to change the VTX channels using your Taranis!

2-6s power is important. I’ve seen many quads with video issues due to taking power from the flight controller. If you can power your VTX through the PDB or battery voltage do it. 25mw is also recommended. The races where we ran 25mw everyone had better video. Just get the TBS Race, trust me:)

Photo of the TBS Unify Race Price: $29.95 PiroFlipRC

VTX: Video Transmitter

PDB: Power distribution board



You do not need a transponder to fly with us. This is only for tracking quads in a race. If you’re at a race you will need a transponder. We are currently using the iLap system. I’ve seen many issues with the transponders built in the flight controller. I would say go with the transponder from iLap.  It takes 5 volt to power it, and you need to take into consideration that you may need to have it on the left or right.

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  1. Unify ordered. Now to find the time to install. Dang higher priorities!

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