Remember those days you and your FPV crew got together to teach others how to tune quads? Man that seems just like yesterday. If you think about it, it wasn’t that long ago, but now we flash Betaflight and go burn some packs. Things change fast in this growing sport.

Today was dedicated to 9 pilots/builders who would only show up with a pair of goggles and a transmitter. The goal was for each of them to have a flying quad tuned to their goggles and transmitter before they left.

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Spoilers. The goal was met.

So how did it go, what was the process, who was involved?

It was nothing short of amazing. Tables were setup, name tags were written, and teams assembled. Each table had at least one solder station, a builder, and an experienced builder/racer.  Each step was observed, and much information shared. From learning how to solder, to why someone would prefer silicon wire over pvc.

It was nice to see a place where people came together to learn about something. I remember how it was when I built my first quad. It was tough, I ordered parts I barely knew anything about, scoured the internet for hours looking for information, had to go get heat shrink, didn’t have an XT60, you know how it was.  It wasn’t the best time, but I learned to do it. These fellas learned to do it today with a little assistance and in a great enviroment. Something I would have loved to have then. I will go as far as saying every person in that room learned something new today and that is awesome.

A huge thanks for the people who supported us in this event and the pilots who showed up to help. We sold out before everyone got a spot for this Tech Day so we will have another, a date has not been set, just keep up with the Facebook page or to know when it is.

We did have some big players who really made this come together. Midsouth Makers for the facility, DiatoneTwistedQuads, and Express Drone Parts who had an on site representative providing parts!

It was an event I will remember for a long time. Thanks guys.