You just can’t beat the Martian 220!  For $30 you get a ImpulseRC Alien “Look alike” and yes I said look alike because it is definitely not a clone.  If you take the time to look up the definition of “Clone” you will agree with me calling it a look alike.  Moving on.  I have had 2 Martian 220 now and I sold one to make some dough for my Connex system that I successfully installed on my remaining Martian 220.  I have been putting this frame through the ringer and I just can’t see me spending the extra $100 for a Alien.  The CF used, QC, and PDB are all very good!  This is definitely a beginner friendly frame that will take the beating any noob can dish out but also a platform you can grow on and actually be VERY competitive with.  Please enjoy this video review!