March 26th 901FPV’s own team of racers from Team White Goat are attending a race in Louisiana.  The chapter AcadianaFPV in the town of Lafayette, LA are hosting a large scale team race with up to 35 pilots across 7 teams. Each team is racing to complete 200 laps first, at that point the race stops and teams are scored by laps completed. This race labeled “Mayhem Team Event”  will be an awesome event to attend with lots of sponsors and prizes.

The local pilots attending are:

Alec “LundyFPV” Lunsford

Ben “Benihana” Eishen

Daniel “Doctor” Napier

Jr “WinJET” Winget

Lucas “Droner” Dearborn

The track will include a pit lane where the team focuses on swapping batteries/Quads/ whatever is needed to get a pilot back in the air. Each team will be assigned a video frequency and required to manage who is flying/managing gear/on the pit lane. The track will be large with sweeping turns. Not to difficult but plenty of room for pilots to either focus on consistancy and lots of laps or fast laps with potential for more pit stops. Keep an eye out for 901FPV being represented in this race on March 26th.