As an evangelical-Christian university, Trinity Western follows the literal Christian interpretation of marriage as a heterosexual union between man and woman. In constitutional law, this language can be considered discriminatory because it excludes people who do not fit into this traditional marriage model. At the time of this incident, Trinity Western University asked all students to sign a collective agreement for moral behaviour. One tenant described this collective agreement as having to report premarital sex. A few months after the Supreme Court decision, Trinity Western changed its policy. It did not change the collective agreement, but it was repealed as a mandatory measure at the signing. In short, the agreement described what the university described as “reasonable” and “inappropriate.” These were based on a traditional interpretation of the Christian moral code. It is an example of organizational secularization and shows how religious orders and concepts can and can develop. As changes evolve, society often changes with it. Religion in many ways reflects the needs, desires and qualities of the people who are there. Religions exist in many cases to serve people and give meaning and cause in aspects of life where there might be a void before. When society and people change, so do many of their spiritual and physical needs.

Religions are obliged to take these changes into account or are at risk of being overtaken. IUOE represents the university`s business engineers and the people who work primarily as auxiliaries of the main power plant and other isolated plants. The UWOSA represents staff working in administrative and scientific support functions that are permanently or intensive (for example. B during the academic year). The UWOSA is also represented by staff who are employed temporarily for eight months or more in these functions and who regularly work more than 24 hours per week. The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association represents full-time university professors (excluding clinical medicine) and part-time faculties with tasks that teach at least 0.5 degrees of credit courses in each of the last 3 fiscal years. UWOFA-LA represents university staff who administer the work of librarians and archivists. Here you can find information about your working relationship with TWU.

PSAC represents postdoctoral researchers at the university, who work in the field of research and are collaborators of the university. After mixed results in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia, the case was referred to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against Trinity Western University and upheld the law society`s right to deprive the proposed law school of its accreditation. OPSEU Local 102 represents the staff of the Campus Community Police Service, who work as police constables at the University. Western has a diverse workforce. Below is a list of Western employee groups. Some are trade unions, others are associations. Select a group to see more details and find links to more information.