Title, scope and decision-making2. Title 3. Duration 4. Parties covered by Agreement 5. Flexibility agreements 6. Guidelines, guidelines and procedures in support of this Agreement 7. Delegation of power under this agreement 64.7. If a clause in this agreement provides for a substantial change in production, program, organization, structure or technology in relation to the employer`s business, the requirements set out in points 63.1.a) and 64.2 and 0 do not apply. 2.1 This agreement is referred to as the Federal Court of Australia Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021. The new agreement was approved by 78% of staff, 85% of them voting against the new agreement. 22.7. In rare cases, it may be necessary to encourage a part-time worker to work overtime instead of getting his or her consent. In this case, overtime is paid for one and a half hours for all overtime worked Monday to Friday between 8 a.m.

and 6 p.m. Hours worked after 18 hours are carried out in accordance with point 25. The use of TOIL can also be granted at the corresponding rate. The agreement adopted contains a number of conditions to protect the rights of members in the workplace. We fought successfully to maintain the conditions that were previously threatened; including, but not limited to: Section 185 – Request for approval of a single enterprise agreement 5.2 The CEO or delegate must ensure that the terms of the individual flexibility agreement: consultation and resolution of disputes61. Effective Communication and Consultation Committees 62 corporate advocaal and support roles 63. Consultation on key amendments 64. Significant change 65. Switch to regular rotation boards or normal schedules 66. Settlement of contractual disputes 22.2. A full-time job may apply to work part-time for a specified period of time, subject to review and extension.

Part-time contracts are reviewed after two years. 2. Part-time workers are entitled to a minimum 3-hour employment under Section 6.4 (f) of the Public Service Enterprise Award 2015. 20.2. Periods of service for part-time workers are periods of service agreed upon in their part-time contracts or in their terms of employment. Removing Table 2 from trades as part of the agreement – this would remove the universal allowance by 25%. 21.1. Subject to company requirements, employee and superior attendance models are agreed in the normal range from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Employees will not work without agreement between the employee and their supervisor: In addition, Professionals Australia has expressed serious concerns about its intent and the Action of the Water Corporation in promoting this proposed agreement. FWC Matter No.: AG2018/2509 – Federal Court of Australia Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021 Joint union delegates held numerous meetings with staff at all levels of the Water Corporation during the EBA process, including meetings with management to raise concerns about the agreement and maintain their terms of employment and ensure that they are protected for years to come.

48.8. In the event of a prior agreement between an employee and the CEO or delegate, a cultural or religious day may be taken for the employee with the salary and time agreed with the administrator without the right to pay the additional levy. I, Warwick Soden, Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Court of Australia, makes the following commitments with respect to the Federal Court of Australia Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021 (“the agreement”): Water Corporation`s original draft contract made more than 400 changes to the first, 39 significant amendments and half of the old clauses that were to be postponed or reduced to policy. Water Corporation had actively cried for this document in the toilet intranet, causing great concern and confusion for the toilet workers. The joint unions rejected the entire document.