This is your company`s recommended method of remotely accessing your work computer. Our remote staff policy outlines our policies for employees who work from a location other than our offices. We want to ensure that employees and our company benefit from these agreements. If you`re WFH, this is a great opportunity to follow your It configurations at home. Do not use this time for personal items and groceries. It is not intended for shopping, tasks or appointments. Permission is required by your supervisor as for a daily job in the office. When your VPN is connected, you can link corporate network drives to your remote computer and access your files as if you were connected to your desktop. Make your normal chat app (z.B Slack, teams) register by let your team and superiors know where you are and where you want to use the most important items. It is an agreement between [#company name] (“employer” or “company”) and [#employee name] (“The worker”), which sets the conditions for regular work in another location (for example. B on the same days per month or on a routine basis). Constantly check all forms of communication. You don`t want unanswered messages from colleagues to make people think you`re not working.

Office workers can also use permanent work remotely in the event of relocation. The staff delegate will assess their eligibility on a case-by-case basis. Employees who wish to work remotely must apply to [Staff Questions on a Form/via our HRIS]. If your company tracks time in a work table or with hours charged for customers, tracking hours of work is expected, while on WFH, the same standard as work is done from the office. Is used for access to remote network drives and other on-site resources. Beware of your personal environment in public places. If you sit next to the exit from a cafĂ©, you are “caught and caught” by armed robberies. The open display of a mobile device or laptop on public transport (especially through the doors) makes you a target for theft and risks your personal safety. Consider sitting away from the entrance.

Full high effect (high value) of long-term work. Such elements are long-term projects or tasks that require a focus without distraction. The VPN establishes an encrypted connection between your computer and the corporate network, which behaves as if your computer were connected to the office. Remain accessible during the work program in the telecommute; 3. The employee`s obligations, obligations, responsibilities and terms of employment with your company remain unchanged unless the obligations and responsibilities expressly mentioned in this Agreement remain unchanged. Responsibilities, performance standards and performance evaluations remain the same as for main job work (e.g.B. In the company office). The supervisor (team leader or senior manager) reserves the right to work on each site. On a case-by-case basis, [company name] determines, based on information provided by the employee and the supervisor, the appropriate equipment requirements (including hardware, software, modems, telephone and data lines and other office equipment) for each telework agreement. Human resources and information systems will be used as resources in this area.